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Dr. Caleb Loring

Providing therapeutic services for children, adolescents, and adults as well as psychological testing for children and adolescents.


This practice joins the principles of clinical and educational psychology with realism and common sense to assist clients find practical solutions to life's problems. Our primary goal is to help people help themselves, so that they realize a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

This may be achieved through a small insight gained in individual or family therapy, or by identification of learning and attention disorders, with prescribed accommodations designed to level the playing field.

On this website, we hope to provide a flavor of the practice and the type of services we provide. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of psychological and psychoeducational services for children, adolescents and adults. Options include testing, individual counseling, family counseling, behavior management, and parenting techniques. Our clients present a variety of conditions including Learning Disabilities, ADHD, affective disorders and others. You will be able to access basic forms for appointments, get directions to the office, and learn more about practice policies and philosophies. If you can think of anything else this website could do to help you, please let us know. This site is designed to facilitate our services and make you experience with our practice a pleasant one.


Individual therapy

Sometimes, an outside perspective is all that is needed to find a solution to problems that may have seemed unsolvable. The goal of therapy is to discover new ways of looking at situations through interaction, so that the individual or family is better equipped to resolve future problems themselves.

Sessions typically last 45-50 minutes and focus on specific areas of conflict within the larger context of relationships. At first, we'll find out where the problems are and identify the best method for treating them. After that, our sessions will focus on the progress made between sessions, and the reasons for gains and losses. Treatment over an extended period can prove the most beneficial, but in other cases, only a few sessions are necessary.


Psychological Assessments

 Psychologists use tests to learn more about their patients and to guide their suggestions for treatment. We also use them to determine eligibility and special accommodations for Learning Disability and ADHD programs at all levels, including the college level.

A complete battery of tests can help assess intelligence, motivation, attention span and concentration. Tests can even provide psychologists and just as important - the clients themselves - a better understanding of each individual's emotions and personality structure. 


Parenting techniques, children and adolescents

 Learning to cope with behavioral problems starts with the parents and the child. Therapy sessions normally involve some time with the child, but far more time is spent helping the adults develop a keen understanding of ADHD behavior and the right parenting techniques for handling the unique problems ADHD can present.

It's very important that parents learn how to help their ADHD child minimize his/her vulnerability to distraction and inattention.

Medication can certainly aid this process, but developing correct techniques for changing behavior is essential to solving the challenges that ADHD children face from day to day. Of course, parenting sessions can be useful where ADHD is not the primary concern, and we can help there as well.



 Dr. Caleb Loring is a psychologist who recently relocated to the Spartanburg area to be closer to family. Prior to moving he was a partner in a private practice in Gainesville, Georgia for six years. The majority of his practice included working with adolescents and children. He also see adults for a variety of issues including relationship problems, depression, and anxiety.

Dr. Loring received his masters and doctorate in clinical psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to pursuing a doctoral degree he received a masters in general psychology from Boston University. For his undergraduate education he attended Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. During his professional development Dr. Loring received training at the Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital, Emory University Counseling Center, and Father Flanagan's Boys and Girls Town in Omaha, Nebraska. He has delivered presentations on many topics including learning social skills, parenting ADHD children, and the treatment of eating disorders.

Most recently Dr. Loring worked for the Social Security Administration as a medical consultant in Greenville, South Carolina.

Specialties Include:

 ADHD, Adjustment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Adoption Issues, Anxiety Disorders/Phobias, Asperger's Disorder, Child Abuse, Conduct Disorder, Depression, Divorce issues, Eating Disorders, Infidelity, Life Transitions, Men's Issues, OCD, Parenting Issues, Personal Growth, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, Stress Management 


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